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 Undergraduate Program

The McIntire School of Commerce means more than just business as usual. Blending the timeless lessons of the liberal arts with the cutting-edge skills demanded by today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace, McIntire offers an innovative educational experience of unparalleled quality.

McIntire means fresh, engaging classes led by world-class faculty; the chance to tackle real-world problems for real CEOs; and a dynamic, integrated curriculum that makes the complexities of business real and relevant.

Whether it’s studying overseas markets in Brussels or Beijing, working with a diverse team of superb classmates, or polishing a presentation for a team of top executives, a McIntire education means preparation for a lifetime of leadership, integrity, and success.

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Student Profile

More than 45 countries are represented in McIntire's student body. More»

Student Organizations

McIntire has a diverse assortment of independent student organizations open to UVA students. More»

Many study-abroad options are available to Commerce students. More»