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 Application Process: UVA Students

Undergraduate Admissions Committee Review Process

The McIntire Undergraduate Admissions Committee is composed of four faculty members. Each faculty member separately reviews and makes independent decisions on each applicant. After the independent reviews, the group meets to reach consensus on each applicant.

Important academic factors considered by Admissions include cumulative grade point average, academic performance in prerequisites and those courses related to business (accounting, economics, mathematics), and degree of difficulty of courses taken to date as a demonstration of the student’s general ability and desire. Also, skills and personal characteristics such as leadership, communication, work experience, and time management are considered, as demonstrated through extracurricular activities and application essays.

Some of the evaluative criteria used in the review process are listed below.


  • Load per semester
  • Difficulty of courses
  • Trend in performance
  • Grades in prerequisites (accounting, economics, math)
 Collegiate Extracurricular Activities
  • Activities and leadership within organizations
  • Work experiences
McIntire Admissions Statistics

Current UVA Students

2013​ ​2012 2011 2010 2009​
Applications ​500 ​525 470 468 521
Offers   ​313 ​318 316 319 311
Offer Rate (offers from applications) ​63% ​61% 67% 68% 60%
Incoming ​309 ​309 311 302 307
Yield (incoming students from offers) ​99% ​97% 98% 95% 99%
Mean GPA ​3.68 ​3.67 3.62 3.62 3.62
Additionally, the committee calculates a mini GPA, used to evaluate the applicant's performance in classes most closely related to business; the mini GPA includes COMM 1800, 2010, and 2020; ECON 2010 and 2020; math; statistics; or UVA equivalents of any of these courses.

It is important to remember, however, that GPA is not the determining factor for acceptance into McIntire. All applications to the Comm School are given serious consideration. GPAs are only one of many important factors that the Admissions Committee reviews. Leadership, communications skills, work experience, co-curricular activities, and the desire for a successful business career also play important roles.

E-mail the McIntire Undergraduate Student Services Office with any questions you may have.​
Admission Advising

The McIntire Student Services Office holds walk-in hours each week in Robertson Hall, Room 311 for students interested in applying to McIntire's B.S. in Commerce Program.

Pre-Comm Advising

Summer orientation​ (PPT) for pre-Comm UVA students