Rotunda with Fall Foliage

McIntire Cornerstone Society Board

The McIntire Cornerstone Society Board promotes the School's planned giving efforts by assisting in education programs, helping to identify prospects, and advising regarding the marketing and comprehensive tracking of gift vehicles and commitments, in order to fund the endowment for the School's world-class undergraduate and graduate business programs.

Gordon J. Bernhardt , '85
O. Whitfield Broome Jr.
Elissa Buie , '82
Mary Beth Hunt Cardin, MS '85
Charles P. Cocke, '65
Carol B. Conklin, '81
Tina Cote, '91
Robert C. Duval, '57
C. William Eastwood, '65, Law '68
Donna Baker Feeney, '76
James D. Francis, '70
Bruce G. Gabler, '68
Joseph E. Gibson, A&S '51, Law '54
Alan T. Gregory, '61
M. Gabrielle Hall, '63
Roy B. Harrill, '63, Law '66
David M. Maloney
Zoli Povazsay
Robert G. Stern, '60
Russell D. Wilson, '68
Richard D. Wood, '60
Wayne M. Zell, '80