Rotunda with Fall Foliage

McIntire Foundation Board of Trustees

The McIntire Foundation Board of Trustees promotes the School's goals by providing assistance, advice, and counsel to the School's leadership with respect to fundraising, both capital and annual; helping to manage Foundation resources; and supporting the School's research initiatives and Centers. 

Eric Coble, ’82
Mitchell R. Cohen, ’86
John P. Connaughton, ’87
Joseph R. Daniel, ’66
Henry A. Dudley Jr., ’70
Peter E. Engel, '88
Stuart Evans, Executive Director '95, M.S. in MIS '96
Donald E. Flow, '77
Mark E. Galant, '80
John A. Griffin, ’85 , President
James G. Harris, ’80
Patrick D. Hogan
H. Alexander Holmes, ’64, Law ’67
Kenneth S. Johnson
Scott M. Kelley, ’83
Donald A. King Jr., ’62
P. Jeffrey Leck, ’85
Edward D. McCrady, '85
Jeffrey T. Neal, ’85
Sonja Hoel Perkins, ’88
Curtis W. Schade, '80
Chris W. Shumway, ’88
Bradley E. Singer, '88
John G. Stathis, '80
Richard D. Tadler, ’78 , Vice President
Steven M. Tadler, '81
Robert Tharpe, '93, M.S. in Accounting '94
James W. Todd, ’60, Darden ’64
Charles H. (Cary) Turner, ’79
Jeffrey C. Walker, ’77
Earl E. Webb, ’78
Katie Whittier