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B.S. in Commerce

Will Littlejohn

  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Concentrations: Finance and Management
  • Minor: Computer Science

About me:

Hi Everyone! My name is Will Littlejohn, and before you ask, no, I did not have any affiliation with the sandwich shop on the Corner. I am a third-year student in McIntire with concentrations in Finance and Management, while also pursuing a minor in computer science.

Before making the long journey out to Virginia, I grew up in San Diego, CA, where I spent time going to the beach, playing sports, or just enjoying the weather, which after coming here I’ve learned to appreciate a lot more. I’m actually the ninth person in my family to go to UVA, so the decision to go to school 3,000 miles away wasn’t as crazy as it seems. My first year at UVA was the first time I had ever seen leaves change color, which might have been one of my favorite parts about moving across the country.

At UVA, I am currently involved in the Jefferson Startup Network, a startup-focused consulting group, the Frank Batten Investment Fund, a socially responsible investment club, and Camp Kesem, a volunteer organization that provides a summer camp for kids whose parents are affected by cancer. I’ve really enjoyed diversifying my experience at UVA, and it helped me fit right into the community.

At McIntire I am most excited about working together with my group on projects that will simulate real world job experience, and also going back to in-person class discussions.

Fun fact: I once took a family reunion photo with over 400 relatives in it. I’m also a former Chick-fil-A model.

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