Student in lecture hall

Preparing for an Internship or Job

Congratulations! You got the internship/job and are ready to start an exciting career! First, take a moment to celebrate your good news with family, friends, and CCS. Please also consider sharing that information through the Destinations Portfolio Survey for students. This information is immensely helpful to the School, especially your fellow classmates. Results are compiled in CCS' annual Destinations Report.

As you begin the process of relocating, do some planning to make the transition easier. The logistics of moving can be overwhelming, especially if this is the first time you will be on your own. Begin the process early, as it tends to take longer than you think to find a place, pack, and unpack.

Connect with Alumni

Utilize HoosOnline, UVA Alumni Clubs (inside and outside the United States), and LinkedIn to locate alumni who work for your future employer or reside in your new locale to get tips on the best neighborhoods, commutes, and housing options.

You can access HoosOnline by creating an account and having it activated. Please allow 24-48 hours for your account to be activated before attempting to log on; you will NOT receive notification of account activation.

Moving Resources
  • In late February, an email is sent from CCS to McIntire students in order to generate a relocation list. This list of students who have accepted an internship or full-time position and who are interested in finding a roommate is posted in the CCS suite (reception area). Add your name to the CCS relocation list by providing your name, graduation year, and job/internship location.

  • Check out the comprehensive Relocation Resources section on LiveCareer

  • Moving Checklists offers tips to help you stay organized before, during, and after you relocate.

  • Educational Housing Services (800-297-4694) is a not-for-profit organization that has been providing quality intern housing for more than 25 years. Residences are located in New York City and are fully furnished, with many amenities.  

Personal Finances/Budgeting

Make the most of your new salary! Check out tips on paying down student loans or debt, ways to save, and important information regarding health insurance. Create a budget to maximize your income. 

An additional resource is Payscale, which follows wage changes of employed U.S. workers, revealing trends in compensation for jobs over time.

Planning for Business School

If you plan on or are thinking about attending business school in the future, see the planning for business school handout for great information and tips.

Business Etiquette

Proper etiquette in a business setting is a little different than in the academic setting. Check out this handout to gain a better understanding of business etiquette and professional communication.