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Recruiting International Students

International students make up more than 20% of McIntire’s population and enhance our community immeasurably. Please note that most international students are in the United States on student visas (F1 and J1), although they are eligible to accept employment in the United States under certain conditions.

Distinctive Qualifications of International Students
  • Often exhibit terrific strengths in character, such as resiliency, adaptability, flexibility, perseverance, self-discipline, resourcefulness, curiosity, graciousness, endurance, loyalty, and intrepidness.
  • Demonstrate a strong capacity for learning and applying new knowledge, as evidenced by their rapid acquisition of formal language skills, slang terminology, cultural norms, and North American academic and business customs.
  • Typically have a history of high achievement and intellectual promise starting at a young age. They are seasoned in the art of setting and meeting goals and are highly motivated to be successful.
  • Broaden diversity efforts with their well-developed cross-cultural fluencies.
  • May have, or can develop, valuable connections overseas. They are multilingual and have direct experience living, studying, and working in a foreign country.
  • Are eligible to work for a U.S.-based company for a total of 12 months with no added cost or obligation to an employer (paperwork is completed by the student, school, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Please visit this link to learn more about hiring international students. Published with permission granted by Mark Rhoads of McCandlish Holton Immigration Practice Group, October 2017

"We have recruited international students from UVA for years now. Sponsoring these students turned out to be far easier than we expected, and our ability to attract exceptionally motivated and culturally diverse professionals more than offsets the nominal costs of sponsorship." 
-Len Wolf, The Wolf Group, PC