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Meet Your Host

Peter Maillet
Director; Center for Global Commerce; Professor of Commerce, General Faculty

Professor Maillet brings strong strategy, general management, and finance backgrounds to the McIntire School, as well as international expertise, having worked for nearly 20 years in the global financial services industry as an investment banker, business manager, and private equity investor. During his finance career, Maillet lived and worked for nearly 10 years throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and maintains an active interest in understanding how Asia and other regions of the world are transforming the global economy. Maillet teaches an undergraduate course in global finance as well as a graduate-level class on the global business environment. He is also Director of the Global Immersion Experience (GIE) within the M.S. in Commerce Program.

About Global Commerce Exchange

This podcast is sponsored by the University of Virginia’s Center for Global Commerce at the McIntire School of Commerce.
Host: Peter Maillet
Executive Producer: Rick Carew
Editor: Al Hoover
Music: Andrew Maillet

The views and opinions expressed on the Global Commerce Exchange podcast are those of the host and guests and do not reflect the official policy or position of the McIntire School of Commerce or the University of Virginia.