About the Center for Investors and Financial Markets

The Center for Investors and Financial Markets advances our understanding of finance through research and programs focused on corporate finance and capital markets. It encourages the development of high-quality research and education that can ultimately benefit finance practitioners and students. The center also seeks to promote the collaboration of faculty and executives, including alumni, both in and out of the classroom. In the process, world-class scholars and practitioners team up to pursue and communicate new insights into the workings of financial markets. The center was endowed by John A. Griffin (McIntire ’85) and previously received significant annual funding from Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin Jr. (Darden ’66).

  • Facilitate the output of high-quality research and expertise among McIntire faculty in the area of financial economics
  • Raise McIntire’s academic profile through continuous interaction with our peers within the research community
  • Share McIntire’s research and expertise with students and practitioners through conferences, executive education, and workshops
Current Research Interest Areas
  • Market vs. regulatory approaches to financial oversight
  • Creditor influence over corporate finance, restructuring, and governance
  • The relation between quality mortgage brokers and the subprime meltdown
  • Private equity funds: Can they manage through the financial crisis?
  • Reputational concerns and financial innovation
Funding Opportunities Available to McIntire Faculty for Finance-Related Initiatives
  • Summer visiting scholar program
  • Classroom speakers
  • Acquisition of datasets
  • Travel for research conferences and workshops
  • McIntire-sponsored research conferences and seminars

To apply for funding, please contact Center Director and Professor Mike Gallmeyer at +1 434-243-4043.​​​