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The Center is committed to developing cutting-edge curriculum and programs to educate students and the McIntire community on issues pertaining to investors and financial markets. The most valuable courses and programs blend an understanding of academic theory and empirical evidence with strong practice and professional interaction.     

The Center already supports a strong tradition of courses grounded both in academic and professional knowledge, including "Strategic Value Creation," "Valuation and Restructuring," "The Analyst’s Edge," "Global Macro Investing," "Principles of Security Trading," "Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management," and the Quantitative Finance Track Seminar.

Currently, the Center team is working on the following:

  • "Principles of Finance": A second-year course for all potential McIntire students that blends the tools of financial economics with current institutional knowledge drawn from McIntire’s professional base
  • "Macro Finance": A fourth-year course that emphasizes the importance of economic models in conjunction with recent developments in fintech and big data
  • "Evaluating Managers and Strategies": A fourth-year course that explores the skills necessarily to evaluate the performance of fund managers and investment strategies