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CIFM-Funded Research Initiatives

Our faculty are researching important questions with leading scholars around the world in finance, strategy, and corporate governance, through several research initiatives. Highlights include:

Intermediation in Asset Management and Investment Banking

“Investment-Banking Relationships: 1933-2007” by Carola Schenone and William Wilhelm (co-authored with Alan Morrison [Oxford] and Aaron Thegeya [IMF])

“Predictability, Innovation, and Competition in Bitcoin’s Mining Market” by Robert Parham (co-authored with Einar Kjenstad [Aarhus University])

“How do Nonprofessional Investors React to Inaccuracies in CSR Reporting?” by Ann Backof, Eric Negangard, and Jennifer Winchel


Macro Finance

“Asset Prices and Portfolios with Externalities” by Steven Baker (co-authored with Burton Hollifield [Carnegie Mellon] and Emilio Osambela [Federal Reserve])

“Aggregate Tail Risk and Expected Returns” by David Chapman and Michael Gallmeyer (co-authored with Spencer Martin [Melbourne])

“Disagreement about Inflation and the Yield Curve” by Michael Gallmeyer (co-authored with Paul Ehling [BI-Oslo], Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen [LBS], and Philipp Illeditsch [Wharton])


Corporate Governance, Investor Conflicts, and Markets

“Common Ownership Does Not Have Anti-Competitive Effects in the Airline Industry” by Patrick Dennis and Carola Schenone (co-authored with Kristopher Gerardi [Atlanta Fed])

“The Ownership and Trading of Debt Claims in Chapter 11 Restructurings” by David Smith (co-authored with Victoria Ivashina [Harvard] and Benjamin Iverson [Northwestern])

“Are Disruptive CEO Successions Viewed as a Governance Lapse? Evidence from Board Turnover” by Jeremy Marcel, Amanda Cowen, and Gary Ballinger