Sands Capital Professional Speaker Series


The Center for Investors and Financial Markets (CIFM) at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce’s partnership with Sands Capital Management funds initiatives that include the Sands Capital Professional Speaker Series, a yearly speaker series exploring timely and relevant financial topics.

The three-year commitment by the Arlington, Va.-based investment firm supports and enhances the CIFM’s commitment to faculty research, curriculum development, and industry engagement. Sands Capital’s gift drives an innovative programming schedule that features hour-long discussions with finance professionals, exploring subjects that lie beyond the School’s traditional primary scope of investment banking.

Recent Speakers

  • Feb. 20, 2019Technology & Finance Panel
  • Jan. 28, 2019Paul Pagnato
  • Nov. 12, 2018Jason Love
  • Oct. 22, 2018Larry Kochard
  • Oct. 15, 2018Sands Capital