The Art of Answering and Asking High-Stakes Questions​

February 13, 2012
Faculty Lead: Lynn Hamilton

On the evening of Feb. 13, 2012, the PwC Center for Innovation in Professional Services sponsored a two-hour event called “The Art of Answering and Asking High-Stakes Questions.” Harry Frazier, Senior Vice President and Senior Partner of Fleishman-Hillard International Communications, offered guidance to approximately 40 undergraduate and graduate Commerce students. The event focused on identifying and using different types of questions and developing strategies for developing clear, consistent messages. PwC Partner Robert Vallejo spoke at the beginning of the event, stressing the importance of asking appropriate and thoughtful questions when working with clients. Frazier stressed that, especially in crisis situations, leaders are expected to skillfully ask questions to determine what has gone wrong and how problems can be fixed.

The event was held in conjunction with Professor Lynn Hamilton’s COMM 4640 Advanced Managerial Communication class. Students from Professor Janette Martin’s class, COMM 4642 Communication Strategies for Business Professionals also attended, as did a number of M.S. in Commerce students and several faculty members.


Harry Frazier, Senior Vice President and Senior Partner, Fleishman-Hillard International Communications