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Trends in IT Human Capital

Linda Pittenger presented “The Changing Profile of the IT Leader – Recruiting, Selecting and Developing the Best.”

The presentation focused on how the role of the IT organization has changed and what impact this has had on the types of IT leaders required to assure business success. Ms. Pittenger discussed the changing profile of the IT organization, the responsibilities of the IT leader, the differences between IT managers/leaders, and what competencies are required for success. Ideas were shared for making the cultural shift to recruiting, selecting and developing an “adaptable” leader.

In the afternoon session Ms. Pittenger facilitated a panel discussion titled "Global Workforce Planning."

Questions asked of the panelists included:

• How do you see your workforce changing?
• What management changes have you made as a result of outsourcing?
• Have you changed your college recruitment practices? How?
• How has the profile of your IT worker changed? What do you look for?
• Do you have a workforce plan?