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The Future of the IT Unit

November 4, 2011

Just as IT units are beginning to master IT run and build responsibilities, along comes the cloud. And that’s not all. Growing numbers of vendor partners and the widespread adoption of consumer technologies combine with the cloud to shift traditional IT unit responsibilities outside IT. Meanwhile, many IT units find that run and build no longer capture the real IT challenge. Now the challenge is exploit. Reflecting this shift, many IT units are finding themselves part of a shared services, business transformation, or business process organization. What does this mean for the future of the IT unit? What does it mean for the strategic use of IT in a digital economy? This session offered a lively discussion of research conducted at MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research that examined the evolving role of IT at firms like USAA, IBM, Credit Suisse, and TetraPak. 

Rick Coro, CIO, Advance Auto Parts
Lyn McDermid, CIO, Dominion
Jonathan Palmer, CIO, International Monetary Fund
Jill Singer, CIO, National Reconnaissance Office
Lon Zanetta, CIO, Federal Reserve IT
Mark McDonald, Group Vice President and Gartner Fellow
Jeanne W. Ross, Director Center for Information Systems Research (CISR), MIT
Iris Junglas, Research Fellow, Accenture Institute for High Performance