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Strategy Execution and the Role of the CIO/IT

March 6, 2009
The program began with a talk by Jeanne Ross, as described below:

At MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research, we have been studying the growing demand for IT to coordinate and integrate a firm’s diverse organizational units and activities. We’ve observed that as firms seize the potential of IT to integrate activities across vertical structures and processes, management usually rethinks business strategy. Increasingly, business success depends on the firm’s ability to execute strategies demanding end-to-end business processes or shared information. IT is no longer simply an enabler of business strategy; it shapes business strategy. The impact on the role of the CIO is already apparent. CIOs have long been responsible for introducing valuable technology capabilities. Our research shows, however, that CIOs are assuming greater responsibility and accountability for defining strategy and leading strategy execution. In this talk, we examine how this new CIO role has taken shape at firms like Procter & Gamble, Dow, USAA, and BT.

After Jeanne’s talk, we heard from two IT executives, each of whom described the role of the CIO/IT in the execution of strategy in their respective organizations. Throughout the program we compared and contrasted this role from both the private and public sector perspectives.


Jeanne Ross, Director, CISR, MIT
Jill Singer, Deputy CIO, CIA
Scott McKay, CIO & Senior Vice President, Genworth Financial

Presentations & Handouts
Ross Presentation