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What Makes CIOs (And Their Units) Effective: The CxO View

July 11, 2008

Many business executives struggle to understand the value they obtain from their IT investments and assets. Meanwhile, many IT leaders are not clear about what specific steps they can take to improve their effectiveness in the eyes of business executives. Drawing upon research with more than 250 non-IT executives, we discussed what functions high-performing IT units do better than their lower-performing peers. Effective IT service delivery is an essential starting point. But IT leaders who deliver higher business value do more than just manage IT well. They also find effective ways help business counterparts play their roles in a virtuous cycle of business value. In this talk, we examined the drivers of IT value in the eyes of business executives, and used numerous case studies to discuss specific steps IT leaders took to improve their effectiveness.


Dr. George Westerman, Research Scientist, Center for Information Systems Research (CISR), MIT Sloan School of Management