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Strategic Sourcing

July 8, 2011

Dr. Lacity shared  in detail what suppliers have been saying to her research team about clients during the past two decades—the things they wish clients knew, as well as some things they wish clients didn’t know. Some of these statements will not shock experienced clients, but what might pique the interest of all outsourcing clients—both novice and experienced—is the comparison of what suppliers say with best practices derived from academic research. Specifically, Dr. Lacity compared each supplier statement with the findings from her own 22-year research program as well as from a recent meta-analysis conducted on 741 findings from rigorous academic research. Among the 20 things suppliers say, 12 would actually benefit clients if they followed the suppliers’ advice. Suppliers and advisers also benefit from the data; suppliers in particular welcome solid data that show it is in the client’s best interest to actively protect a supplier’s profit margin.

Mr. LeFave leveraged his many years of real-world experience as a CIO to provide a complete tool kit for how to approach global sourcing successfully. His presentation  integrated strategic and operational concepts while providing best practices that can be used by both clients and providers in any environment globally.

Dr. Mary Lacity, Professor of Information Systems and, International Business Fellow, the University of Missouri-St. Louis
Dick LaFave, Founder, D+L Partners LLC