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Business Intelligence: Competing on Analytics

July 9, 2010
IT-savvy firms have 20% higher margins than their competitors. By definition, IT-savvy firms build and use a platform of digitized processes that provides capabilities of data, analytics, and information-based services. BI is a critical enabler for IT-savvy firms, as evidenced by recent practitioner literature. Gartner found in both 2008 and 2009 that BI was at the top of many CIOs’ strategic agendas. Even in today's tough economic climate, IDC forecasted 3.45% growth for the $23 billion market for BI software in 2009, and they expected 2% growth in the $45 billion BI consulting business. BI has moved from being a contributor to organizational success to being a prerequisite for it; indeed, for many firms, BI is a prerequisite for even competing in the marketplace. This program featured four industry experts who demonstrated how organizations can create an analytical capability that enables them to routinely make better decisions in every aspect of their business. 
Jeanne Harris, Accenture Institute for High Performance
Thornton May, Futurist and Executive Director, IT Leadership Academy
John Elder, Elder Research Incorporated
Ken Harrop, CEO, Infinitive Analytics