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Foundation for Execution: Hardwiring Business with Enterprise Architecture

Although information technology should enable organizations to respond rapidly to new customer demands and market opportunities, more often IT is a bottleneck inhibiting organizational change. However, research at 150 companies suggests that an enterprise architecture can guide development an effective foundation for business change. We define enterprise architecture as the organizing logic for business processes, data, and information technology designed to address the integration and standardization requirements of the firm. The process of building a foundation for execution consistent with an enterprise architecture is a lengthy journey. But firms like UPS, ING DIRECT, and 7-11 Japan provide evidence of the potential for enterprise architecture to enable business change. This talk described the journey through four stages of architecture maturity that leads to more modular, innovative businesses.


Jeanne W. Ross, Principal Research Scientist, Center for Information Systems Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Suzanne J. Peck, Chief Technology Officer, District of Columbia