Undergraduate studnets in orientation

Diversity Goals

McIntire works when we recruit, support, and educate a community as diverse as the global work force and celebrate the unlimited possibilities of our shared talents. McIntire's diversity initiatives focus on three broad areas developed in the 2016 Strategic Diversity Plan:

RECRUIT: We will actively recruit students, faculty, and staff who enrich our classrooms through a diversity of thought and experience​​​​, challenge assumptions and biases, and add to a respectful dialogue about the meaning of success and responsibility as business professionals and leaders.

SUPPORT: We will empower students, faculty, and staff to acknowledge unique experiences; to engage more fully in and out of the classroom; and to collaborate in breaking down barriers that limit potential and impede success.

EDUCATE: We will educate our community to acknowledge and respect differences and to learn from the unique talents and perspectives of all members of the McIntire School.