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Women's Business Forum at McIntire

Open to all students, the Women's Business Forum at McIntire provides an open forum to discuss issues that are unique to women and to explore the challenges that women face in work and family relationships.

2019-2020 Goals
  • Provide an open forum to discuss issues that are unique to women within the corporate world
  • Advertise opportunities to network, mentor, and improve on vital business skills within a female-dominant environment
  • Increase general body meetings that provide career advancement tools, such as cover letter writing, networking and negotiating tips, and student panels discussing internship experiences


Mentorship program: WBFM assigns third- and fourth-year members to first- and second-year members to mentor throughout the year. Events within the program include a kickoff event, coffee and course advising before class registration, and study breaks with snacks during exams. 

Annual networking banquet: Each spring, WBFM hosts female representatives from various corporations for a business professional networking roundtable event with WBFM members. This event allows members to apply the business skills in a practical setting for career advancement.