Galant Challenge presentation


The UVA Alumni Association suggests that student self-governance “requires that students take responsibility for themselves as constituents and as representatives of the University community.” UVA's Dean of Students refers to this self-governance as “the entrustment of much decision making to students.” 

In line with the history and culture of student self-governance at UVA, students are considered key partners in the Galant Center's entrepreneurship efforts. In fact, a great proportion of the entrepreneurship programming affiliated with or supported by the Galant Center is managed in part, if not entirely, by students.

This ability to partner with students, rather than plan the lives of students, is a differentiating strength of not only the Galant Center, but also of the entrepreneurship efforts across the University. 

The student organizations with which the Galant Center works include:

The Entrepreneurship Group at U.Va.

The mission of the Entrepreneurship Group at U.Va. is to engage, empower, and establish: 

Engage students with high-quality programming. EG invites world-class speakers and entrepreneurs to speak about their experiences. In addition, they offer informational and recruiting sessions for startups and high-tech firms, such as the annual Google Leadership Lab.

Empower students to expand upon traditional methods of learning and doing. EG officers organize creative workshops to educate students in design thinking and rapid prototyping, as well as ideation and pitch seminars that are based on constructive critique.

Establish a network of students driven towards entrepreneurial action at UVA. EG connects students from across Grounds with others who share a passion for entrepreneurship.


HackCville is a 501-c-3, member-supported and member-run clubhouse for designers, programmers, makers, creatives, and the just plain curious. HackCville members share, learn, and do, in support of one another’s projects and the efforts of both UVA and Charlottesville organizations doing great work.

HackCville Media

The HackCville Media team documents and showcases the entrepreneurship scene at UVA, highlighting the designers, programmers, makers, and creatives who make Charlottesville and UVA rich in creativity and culture.

The Virginia Venture Fund

The Virginia Venture Fund is one of the first student-run venture funds in the country. VVF's mission is to educate students about the venture capital and entrepreneurial process. The group provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to network with professionals, raise capital, invest in startup companies, maintain an expanding investment portfolio, and inspire entrepreneurial growth while leveraging the resources of the University of Virginia. 

Student Entrepreneurs for Economic Development

Student Entrepreneurs for Economic Development (SEED) aims to provide growing social enterprises the support they need to achieve new levels of performance by pairing them with increasing student interest and the most up-to-date business tools and techniques. SEED was formed in 2008 by a group of passionate students committed to fostering sustainable development in communities around the world. Inspired by Muhammad Yunus, the father of microfinance, this group of students hoped to use their skills in finance, marketing, and management to bring change to developing communities around the world.


The Enactus​ group at U.Va. aims to empower individuals to construct their own wealth by enriching their minds with invaluable knowledge and skills that will stimulate and sustain a spirit of free enterprise. Enactus hopes to inspire individuals to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, which in turn leads to the economic security and betterment of their quality of life and standard of living. 

The Entrepreneurship & Innovations Committee of U.Va. Student Council

With support from the Jefferson Trust and in collaboration with many of the entrepreneurship-related student and school groups around Grounds, the EIC strives to facilitate the development of the student entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University.