Michael Atchison

Professor of Commerce

+1 434-924-7093
Ph.D., Finance, Michigan State University
M.B.A., Finance, Michigan State University
B.S., Computer Science, Michigan State University
Areas of Expertise: 
Integrated business education
Curriculum design
Professional Activities: 
Professor Atchison specializes in corporate finance and curriculum development.
His teaching interests are in the areas of corporate finance and general business. His current research is in curriculum development and innovative business education. His most recent article appeared in Journal of the Academy of Business Education. He has developed a new course, “Making Business Work.”

Selected Publications:

Circling the Drain: America’s Middle Class, Kindle Amazon.com, 2012 (with J. Atchison).

"Disappearing Evidence of Chaos In Security Returns: A Simulation,"Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics, 1996 (with M. White).

"Integrated Core Experience (ICE): Concept, Processes and Outcomes,"Journal of the Academy of Business Education, 2005 (with L. Hamilton, B. Kehoe, and C. Zeithaml).

“The Integrated Core Experience (ICE): Concept, Planning, Implementation, and Outcomes,” Journal of the Academy of Business Education, 2004 (M. Atchison, L. Hamilton, W. Kehoe and C. Zeithaml).

"Technobank," Case Studies on Economic Transformation: Russia, Kazakhstan and Eastern Europe, University of Pittsburgh, 1997

"The Valuation of Small or Closely Held Banks," The Journal of Bank Accounting & Auditing, 1991 (with R. Kemp and L. Pettit).

"Creating a More Valuable Bank by Knowing Dynamics of ROE, Sustainable Growth," The Journal of Bank Accounting & Auditing, 1990 (with R. Kemp and L. Pettit).

"Nonsynchronous Trading and Market Index Autocorrelation," Journal of Finance, 1987 (with R. Simonds and K. Butler).