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Faculty News

April 9, 2019

Tom Bateman discusses a variety of self-management strategies that can be applied to move sustainability efforts forward, smartly, and consistently over time in a March 25, 2019, GreenBiz article titled “Mastering the Long Haul of Sustainability.”

March 26, 2019

David C. Smith and his UVA colleagues Bob Bruner, David Leblang, Julia Mahoney, and Pedro Matos are the recipients of a 2019 Collaborative Excellence in Public Service Award for their work with the “Financial Crisis Team.” Presented by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost to up to three teams annually, the award recognizes a team of faculty members, from diverse departments and disciplines, who demonstrate the greatest collaborative impact on societal well-being in a particular place or community and have pursued that well-being together with students. The award is $3,000 for each faculty member, up to five, and an additional $3,000 to be used in support of the program for which the award was given.

March 26, 2019

Kenneth R. White is a 2019 recipient of the American College of Healthcare Executives’ Gold Medal Award. The award—ACHE’s highest honor bestowed on outstanding leaders—identifies Fellows of the American College of Healthcare Executives who best exemplify leadership at the organizational, local, state/provincial, and national levels. The Gold Medal Award recognizes individuals who go beyond the confines of their own organization to continually contribute to the improvement of healthcare services and community health.

March 25, 2019

Dorothy Kelly explains how banks and credit unions earn money from secured credit cards in a recent WalletHub article, “Secured Credit Cards.”

March 21, 2019

Research on sociocognitive and behavioral role constraints on “star” leaders by Jeffrey Lovelace was featured in a recent Academy of Management Insights article titled "Celebrity CEOs Often Get Typecast into One of Four Roles."

March 21, 2019

Since 2017, Jeffrey Boichuk and his undergraduate Marketing students have been partnering with The Juice Laundry to develop strategies that the organic juice and smoothie bar can use to market its sustainable business practices and educate consumers. Read more about how he is giving his students an inside look at a sustainable, environmentally friendly business that also turns a profit in a Marc 5, 2019, UVA Today article titled "Seeking a Real-World Case Study, One Commerce Professor Turned to The Corner." 

January 22, 2019

Tom Bateman says that business surely can slow down the climate train that already has left the station and offers tips on how organizations and the people in them also can change direction onto a better path to a stronger, sustainable future in a Jan. 16, 2019, GreenBiz article titled “5 Ways to Create a Strong Sustainability Culture.”

January 3, 2019

David C. Smith, along with UVA colleagues Associate Professor of Internal Medicine Costi Sifri and Infectious Diseases Clinical Fellow Greg Madden, are recipients of a $5,000 Innovation Grant from UVA’s Global Infectious Diseases Institute. The three are studying the costs associated with over-testing and over-diagnosing the bacterial infection Clostridium difficile, a leading healthcare-associated infection that can cause potentially dangerous bowel disorders.

December 13, 2018

Tom Bateman offers recommendations on how we can work more aggressively and collaboratively than ever before to stop climate change in a Dec. 12, 2018, GreenBiz article titled “How to Create a Sense of Urgency around Sustainability and Climate Action.”


December 3, 2018

Derick Davis details the psychology behind how we approach holiday shopping in a Nov. 29, 2018, UVA Lifetime Learning article, “New Insights on How We Shop.”