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Thomas A. Package

Lecturer, General Faculty
B.S. in Commerce, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia
Areas of Expertise: 
Professional Activities: 

Mr. Package teaches business ethics, with an emphasis on critical thinking, cogent writing, and personal responsibility. He is interested in helping students develop, refine, and defend good moral decision procedures to aid in producing good answers to the tough moral questions raised by global and local commerce. He employs the method of traditional moral philosophy, as well more recently developed tools such as stakeholder theories of organizational ethics and integrated social contracts theory.

Mr. Package is a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Virginia. He considers it an honor and a privilege to teach the class that sparked his professional interest in both philosophy and business ethics when he was a student at McIntire. His research is focused on developing a (roughly) Kantian competitor to the popular methods of ethics in business practice and academia—for example, stakeholder theory, social contracts theory, and virtue theory. In addition to general business ethics, he is interested in political philosophy and the philosophy of law. This includes questions of global distributive justice as it relates to corporations’ abilities and moral requirements to raise general welfare, as well as more customary topics such as obedience to law, theories of contract, the justification of taxes and distributive schemes, and Kantian deontology for individuals and organizations. He has taught brief ethics units in some management classes and is working to integrate some more ethics material into the ICE curriculum. He is working to arrange a speaker series on business ethics.