Faculty Publications

Publication Faculty Author

“Segmenting Consumers Using Multiple-Category Purchase Data,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2002 (with D. Bowman). Finalist, 2002 International Journal of Research in Marketing Best Paper Award.

Carrie M. Heilman

“Entry into the Aero Engine industry by East Asian Companies,” , 1999. In 1999, Dr. Roberts completed his doctoral program at Cranfield University with this thesis.

Dean C. Roberts

“The Japanese Civil Aero Engine Industry: Will It Challenge the Western Hegemony?” , Eastern Academy of Management Conference, 1997 Dublin, Ireland (with R. Singh)

Dean C. Roberts

“Civil Aero Gas Turbines: Some Aspects of Technology and Strategy,” , 1996. The First International Aerospace Technomart Conference, Seoul, Korea Aerospace Industries Association (with R. Singh).

Dean C. Roberts