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Faculty Publications

Publication Faculty Author

"Technobank," Case Studies on Economic Transformation: Russia, Kazakhstan and Eastern Europe, University of Pittsburgh, 1997

“Differences in Information and Common Stock Returns: Estimation Risk or Unequal Distribution of Information?” The Financial Review, 1996.

Felicia C. Marston

“Implied Penalties for Financial Leverage: Theory versus Empirical Evidence,” Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics, 1996 (with S. Perry).

Felicia C. Marston

The Flat Maximum Effect and Generic Linear Scoring Models: A Test," Journal of Mathematics Applied in Business and Industry, 1992 (with G. A. Overstreet and E. L. Bradley).

Robert S. Kemp

"The Valuation of Small or Closely Held Banks," The Journal of Bank Accounting & Auditing, 1991 (with R. Kemp and L. Pettit).

"Managing Risks in Audits of Financial Institutions," Journal of Accountancy, 1991 (with M. H. Lathan and J. C. Compton).

Robert S. Kemp

"Creating a More Valuable Bank by Knowing Dynamics of ROE, Sustainable Growth," The Journal of Bank Accounting & Auditing, 1990 (with R. Kemp and L. Pettit).

"A Study of the Information Needs of Commercial Loan Officers," Journal of Commercial Bank Lending,1989 (with G. A. Overstreet).

Robert S. Kemp

"Nonsynchronous Trading and Market Index Autocorrelation," Journal of Finance, 1987 (with R. Simonds and K. Butler).