Faculty Publications

Publication Faculty Author

“Leader-Member Exchange and Turnover before and after Succession Events,”Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 2010 (G.A. Ballinger, D. W. Lehman, and F. D. Schoorman).

Gary A. Ballinger

“Estimation Error in Regulatory Capital Requirements: Theoretical Implications for Consumer Bank Profitability,” Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2010 (with P. Beling and K. Rajaratnam).

George A. Overstreet Jr.

“Media Effects on Group Collaboration: An Empirical Examination in an Ethical Decision Making Context,” Decision Sciences, 2010 (with S. Sarker, S. Chatterjee, and J. Valacich).

Saonee Sarker

“Unearthing the Process of Requirements Elicitation: A Grounded Approach,” Journal of the AIS, 2010 (with S. Chakraborty and S. Sarker [equal authorship]).

Saonee Sarker

“An Alternative to Methodological Individualism: A 'Non-Reductionist' Approach to Studying Technology Adoption by Groups," MIS Quarterly, 2010 (with J. Valacich).

Saonee Sarker

“Lending Relationships and Information Rents: Do Banks Exploit their Information Advantage?” The Review of Financial Studies, 2010.

Carola Schenone

“Conflict of Interest and Certification: Long-Term Performance and Valuation of U.S. IPOs Underwritten by Relationship Banks,” The Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2010 (with L. Benzoni).

Carola Schenone

“Consensus Information and Nonprofessional Investors’ Reaction to the Revelation of Estimate Inaccuracies,” The Accounting Review, 2010 (with L. Koonce and M. G. Williamson).

Jennifer Winchel

“Moral Hazard, Asymmetric Information and IPO Lockups,” Journal of Corporate Finance, 2010 (with J. Zender).

Chris Yung

"The Influence of Experiential and Dispositional Factors in Phishing: An Empirical Investigation of the Deceived," Journal of Management Information Systems, 2010 (with K. Marrett).

Ryan Wright

“Scoring Decisions in the Context of Economic Uncertainty,” Special Issue on Credit Scoring and Control, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2010 (with K. Rajaratnam and P. Beling).

George A. Overstreet Jr.

“Store Manager Performance and Satisfaction: Effects on Store Employee Performance and Satisfaction, Store Customer Satisfaction, and Store Customer Spending Growth,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 2010 (R. G. Netemeyer, J. G. Maxham and D. R. Lichtenstein).

James G. Maxham III

“Once Bitten, Twice Shy: The Relation between Outcomes of Earnings Guidance and Management Guidance Strategy,” Accounting Review, 2010 (with M. Feng).

Adam S. Koch

“Chutes versus Ladders: Anchoring Events and a Punctuated-Equilibrium Perspective on Social Exchange Relationships,” Academy of Management Review, 2010 (with K. Rockmann).

Gary A. Ballinger

“The Use of an Interim CEO during Succession Episodes and Firm Performance,” Strategic Management Journal, 2010 (with J. Marcel).

Gary A. Ballinger

“Can Consumer Culture Be Contained? Comment on ‘Marketing Means and Ends for a Sustainable Society,’” Journal of Macromarketing, 2010.

“The Collaborative Organization: How to Make Employee Networks Really Work,” Sloan Management Review, 2010 (with R. Cross, S. Cunningham, M. Showers, and R. Thomas). Winner of Richard Beckhard Award (best published paper award evaluated by a panel of experts chosen by Sloan Management Review).

Peter H. Gray

“Pre-Release Demand Forecasting for Motion Pictures Using Functional Shape Analysis of Virtual Stock Markets,” Marketing Science, 2010 (with W. Jank).

Natasha Zhang Foutz

“Innovation Impacts of Using Social Bookmarking Systems,” MIS Quarterly, 2010 (with S. Parise and B. Iyer).

Peter H. Gray

"The Economic Meltdown: Implication for Business Education," Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 2010 (with L. K. Whitten).

William J. Kehoe

Advances in Marketing: Going Green – Best Marketing Practices for a Global World, W. J. Kehoe and L. K. Whitten (eds.), Society for Marketing Advances, 2010.

William J. Kehoe

"Construing Organizational Identity: The Role of Embodied Cognition," Organization Studies, 2010 (with C.V. Harquail).

Adelaide Wilcox King

"Leading with Competence: Problem-Solving by Leaders and Followers," Leader to Leader, 2010.

Thomas S. Bateman