Patrick J. Wilkie

Associate Professor, General Faculty

+1 434-982-4504
Ph.D., Business Administration, University of Michigan
M.B.A., University of Michigan
B.B.A., University of Michigan
Areas of Expertise: 
Interaction between financial and tax accounting
Disclosure and tax environments on decision making
Professional Activities: 
Professor Wilkie specializes in the interaction between financial and tax accounting. He also explores how changes in the disclosure and tax environments affect economic decision making. His research appears in a variety of academic journals, where his contributions include advances in the methods used to measure income inequality and effective tax rates for individual and corporate taxpayers. He is currently investigating whether computed statistics on tax progressivity are systematically biased because previous research fails to control for changes in filing status, tax rate schedules, and income distribution. Professor Wilkie teaches the “Introduction to Financial Accounting” course.
Professor Wilkie is actively involved in the American Accounting Association, where he previously served on the editorial board ofJournal of the American Taxation Association. He worked previously for KPMG Peat Marwick and taught executive education for Ernst & Young and other firms. He was previously a faculty member at The University of Texas at Austin and George Mason University.