Getting Here

The McIntire School of Commerce is located in Rouss & Robertson Halls, at the southeast corner of the University of Virginia's historic Lawn.

Visitors to the McIntire School of Commerce can park in the Central Grounds Parking Garage located at 400 Emmet Street South. It's a 10-minute walk from the parking garage to Rouss Hall.

Directions to Rouss Hall from the Central Grounds Parking Garage

Exit the parking garage on Level 4. Upon exiting, you will see Newcomb Hall in front of you and the University Bookstore on the left. Walk toward Newcomb Hall, staying to the right of the building. You will see a set of brick stairs; follow them to the top. The building in front of you now is Monroe Hall. Proceed to the right side of the building, past the Whispering Wall Fountain, and cross McCormick Road near the bus stop gates. Proceed down the hill toward the amphitheater, and bear left. Garrett Hall is on your left. Continue on and cross the Lawn. Rouss Hall will be directly in front of you on the right.

Entering Rouss Hall from the Lawn places you on the fourth floor (400 level). There is a kiosk with building directory information in the main lobby. 

Drop-Off Information

If you need to drop off equipment or materials, use Ruppel Drive (accessible from Jefferson Park Avenue). Ruppel Drive is not a through street and there is a small circle that can be used for drop-offs. 

Entering Robertson Hall from Ruppel Drive and going down the stairs places you on the first floor. There is a kiosk with building directory information in the first-floor lobby.