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Awards and Contests

Miniotas Scholars Award

The Joseph Miniotas Communication Scholars Fund has honored the memory of Joseph Miniotas (McIntire '96) since spring 2001.

Communication faculty members select one student from each of the eight third-year blocks to receive the honor, which includes a cash award. Miniotas Scholars demonstrate outstanding communication skills and contribute to the learning of others through thoughtful class participation and outstanding citizenship. Scholars often serve to assist other McIntire students with the development of communication skills.

The 2018-2019 scholarship recipients, who represent each of McIntire's eight third-year ICE blocks, are Courtney Dunne (Block 1), Zachary Cummings (Block 2), Brandon Warren (Block 3), Sabrina Lingenfelter (Block 4), Meredith Braiman (Block 5), Josef Millner (Block 6), Addie Croft (Block 7), and Pierce Walmsley (Block 8). Each scholar received an award of $900. All scholarship recipients are members of the Class of 2020.

Joseph Miniotas was a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, the Golden Key National Honor Society, and the Dean’s Advisory Committee. Fun-loving, determined, driven to perfection, sympathetic, outspoken, and courageous, Miniotas made enduring contributions to McIntire and to all who knew him.

The Madhu Chopra Writing Contest

The Madhu Chopra Writing Contest is held in honor of Madhu Chopra (McIntire ’89) each spring. Madhu Chopra was a dedicated, spiritual Commerce student who remains an inspiration to students today. The contest, sponsored annually by the Chopra family in Madhu’s memory, gives McIntire undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to reflect creatively on their lives at the School. Students are invited to create poems, essays, short fiction, photo essays, videos, or multimedia submissions that speak to their experiences at McIntire that have:

  • Increased their sense of responsibility and concern for others
  • Clarified or shifted their perspective on business in interesting ways
  • Strengthened their pursuit of a passion
  • Served to exemplify the overall McIntire experience.

The number of submissions to the contest increases each year, as students embrace the opportunity to express creatively the richness of the McIntire experience.  The Madhu Chopra committee members judge submissions based on their originality, creativity, sense of genre, fit with contest parameters, effective document design, and eloquence.

2019 Madhu Chopra Contest Winners

Ethan Swain (M.S. in Commerce ’19), first place for “Wilhelm's Lament”

Marwan Elbattouty (McIntire ’20), second place for “Rediscovering my Mother Tongue”

John Quinn (M.S. in MIT ’19), third place for “A Chair in a Room”