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M.S. in Commerce Students

Management Communication in the M.S. in Commerce Program

Rigorous coursework in communication is a key component of the M.S. in Commerce Program. During the fall semester, students work intensively on their personal transition stories, learning to compellingly explain how the skills they gained in non-business majors such as English or Political Science can be used to bring insight—and value—to fields such as financial services, management consulting, and marketing. As a result of this deeply engaging process, students gain superb foundational business-writing and -speaking skills.

Students next begin to develop their skills in managerial communication through integrated coursework designed to work in complement with the acquisition of key skills in strategy, information technology, and organizational behavior. Students study communication strategy, develop skills in business writing and professional speaking, and apply what they’ve learned by offering a professional-level written report and group presentation to an audience composed of visiting executives, faculty members, and peers.