What Students Say

Hear what past students have to say about MBI.
Carolina was an Art History major from Sewanee who knew she wanted to work in the art world, and she used MBI to round out her academic experience and land a job with Christie's.
Stephen was a Foreign Affairs and Economics major who used MBI to transition into a career in finance in New York City. Watch his story.
Alexandra was a Psychology major from UVA who took MBI to see if business might be the right fit for her. She now works in commercial real estate in New York City.
Scott was a Politics major who used MBI to transition into a career in Finance. After MBI he went on to earn his MBA from the Darden School of Business, and is now a Senior Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch.
Jason was an Economics major from UVA who wanted to pursue a career in finance. MBI gave him the experience he needed to land the job of his dreams.
Emily was a Media Studies major who used MBI to land an internship and eventually a full-time job at Morgan Stanley.

“There was no doubt that I wanted to do it. UVA is a great place to be for a month. The program gives you such a broad foundation of knowledge. At Hampden-Sydney, we’ve got two big majors: Econ, which I chose, and Econ & Business. MBI’s Certificate in Business Fundamentals will supplement the econ track and give me a base of business knowledge that I can use when I apply for my M.B.A. or M.S. in Commerce Program, so I’m not coming in empty-handed.” - Larry, Economics, Hampden-Sydney University

"MBI was a truly rewarding program. I accumulated a tremendous amount of fundamental business knowledge that I know I will implement in my future profession. The professors are world-class and understand how to teach the material in a straightforward manner, which for students is ideal. I recommend this program to any student passionate about understanding the nature of business.”  - Bennett, Economics, University of Michigan

"Attending MBI was a wonderful experience and the perfect way to augment the liberal arts education I was receiving at my home institution. The classes were engaging and fun, and taught by excellent professors who sparked an interest in business that I never knew I had. MBI has provided a financial and quantitative understanding that, coupled with the liberal arts skills from my home institution, I am confident will enable me to succeed in both the business world and beyond. I highly recommend MBI to any liberal arts or non-business major student looking to gain a solid grasp of business fundamentals." -Josh, Political Science, Christendom College

“My ultimate goal is to work in the sports industry for a professional team in a front office role. The sports industry is very competitive, it was crucial for me to expand my business skills and knowledge. MBI gave me the opportunity to accomplish this goal. The program challenged me and gave me a chance to interact with some of the best professors in their field. Also, I grew as an individual by working with students from around the country with diverse perspectives. Through numerous projects, I learned the value of teamwork in accomplishing projects. The personal attention from the professors and the resources available through career services was invaluable. More importantly, MBI has given me the confidence to say to an employer that I will be an asset for your organization.” - Bernard, Politics, University of Virginia

"Having majored in Chemistry and Politics, Business was a far removed subject from my curriculum. However, wanting to go into the legal field, I decided that it was necessary to know something about how business works, and MBI couldn't have been a better decision! I enjoyed the material not only because it was new and interesting but also because of the professors’ ability to relay that information in an engaging way. I took MBI not to transition into the business sector, but simply to better understand the field and I was more than impressed with the design of the program. You won’t only be learning about the material but engaging in real-world case studies, alone and within groups, and I think that makes all the difference."  - Amber, Chemistry, University of Virginia

“As a varsity athlete, I found the summer session to be absolutely perfect. I was able to go to class during the day, and I worked out before class and in the afternoon. It was perfectly manageable, and there are some beautiful running trails around Charlottesville. I would wholeheartedly recommend MBI to anyone. I found it to be so amazing in supplementing everything I’ve learned and preparing me for internships in the coming years.” - Haley, Psychology, Amherst

Nilla Ali

​"MBI, with its interactive group assignments and real-world application of topics, has allowed me to gain a more practical understanding of the business world. I feel that I can now comfortably apply for a job in the business sector and confidently interview for many positions." - Nilla Ali (UVA ’13)

"As a Biology major, I am appreciative to MBI for giving me the formal business education I needed to pursue a career in business. The knowledge and credentials I gained from taking MBI gave me an advantage in the fall internship recruiting process, and helped me secure a summer analyst position working at JP Morgan's Private Bank. I thoroughly enjoyed MBI and would strongly recommend it to any non-business majors interested in pursuing a future in business." - Allie Amoroso (UVA '17)

"Before going into MBI I was unsure if a career in business was right for me, so I took the program to see if it was something I was truly interested in. After completing the program, I can now definitively say that business is the right track for me, and I now plan to pursue a career in marketing after graduation." - Eryka Arzola (UVA '17)

"I decided to take MBI after completing my internship, where the value of learning business basics became very obvious to me. Before starting the program, I knew absolutely nothing about business, and now I have a new vocabulary and fundamental understanding across many topics." - Katie Bailey (UVA '15)

"The MBI coursework provided me a with a broader knowledge of the business world that is informing my decisions and thinking as I pursue a graduate degree. I loved how flexible and easily accessible the material was. It made it possible for me to take the courses while working two jobs, which is something I couldn't have done with a more traditional class format." - Sarah Bain (JMU '15, MBI Online '15)

"MBI gave me access to top-tier professors at the McIntire School of Commerce both inside and outside the classroom. The professors were always eager to help and were readily available to share their knowledge of business and helpful advice during one-on-one meetings. The knowledge I gained through MBI gave me a unique perspective and set of tangible business skills that I can leverage in conjunction with my Foreign Affairs degree." - Maxwell Blair (UVA  '16)

Kristin Bouldin

"​The skills I have learned at MBI can be applied to almost any career field, whether business-related or not. In addition, the professors use hands-on activities to apply the concepts we learn to diverse, real-world business situations. I highly recommend MBI to anyone who wants to acquire the business skills necessary for a successful career!" - Kristin Bouldin (UVA '11)

Libby Burrus

​“The McIntire Business Institute has given me the confidence to enter the business world with a better understanding of the key elements of finance, accounting, marketing, and management.” - Libby Burrus (UVA '14)

"I took MBI because I wanted to show potential employers that I was genuinely interested in business, and that I’d taken steps to develop real business skills. The program gave me great foundational business skills as well as a real understanding of how all the different elements of business all come together to make the bigger picture possible.  I use all the different elements that I learned in MBI almost every day in my current job, because I’m not just doing marketing, or management — I’m doing a little bit of everything." - Ada Cahill (UVA '15, MBI Online '15)

"MBI was exactly what I was looking for in a summer business program--compelling professors, an extensive course load, and a strong emphasis on group work. The value of the program extended beyond what I learned in the classroom; it provided a much-needed foundation in business and helped me leverage my liberal arts education as an asset when interviewing with consulting firms." - Brodie Chittum (Washington & Lee University '16)

Roger Conarroe

"As a Religious Studies major, I had pretty limited business knowledge. What I found through MBI was a helpful introduction to important business concepts that will not only help me in the job market, but will also help me to better understand how our society functions." - Roger Conarroe (UVA '11)

Kristin Cory

​"MBI provided me with a sound understanding of business concepts and vocabulary. This knowledge will be beneficial in changing focuses in my career, understanding the general business climate, and managing my family’s finances. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better business education for the time and money invested in the program. With the format of the program and the high level of instruction, I was able to work full time and still get a top-quality business overview." - Kristin Cory

"Before I took MBI, I wasn't sure which career path was right for me. Through the program I discovered that I had a passion for marketing. I have since become an interdisciplinary major in Arts Administration, Marketing and Art History. I now have a clear idea of the type of job I want to pursue, and I have MBI to thank for that."  - Liza Currin (UVA '17)

"Enrolling in MBI was a no-brainer for me, as I knew I wanted to enter the world of business in some capacity after graduation, but didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. MBI was great because it provided a broad overview of the fundamentals of business and allowed us to take the skills we learned in class and apply them to real-life case studies, field trips, and experiences. I feel much more confident and well-rounded as a student having taken MBI, and I know my newfound knowledge, skills, and experiences will benefit me when I begin my job at a D.C.-area start-up post-graduation. UVA is so lucky to have a program like MBI, and I encourage anyone and everyone interested in business to take advantage of it!" - Emily Dell (UVA '15)

"Through MBI I have built a business acumen and vocabulary that I would not have otherwise been exposed to in my other classes in college, and this invaluable knowledge better prepared me to enter the business world as I began my job search. If you are at all interested in learning the language that the business world uses, MBI is the fast track to fluency." - Mark Donehoo (UVA '16)

"I graduated with a degree in biology, but decided I wanted to pursue business instead. MBI really made my resume stand out to employers, and I managed to secure a better position more in line with my goals because my employer was impressed with what I had learned through the MBI program." - Siddarth Dutta (UVA '13, MBI Online '15)

Corey Elfman

​"As a Biology and Spanish double major on the pre-med track, I found MBI to be an invaluable experience and extremely relevant to a wide range of fields. I feel more well-rounded as an applicant for medical school and confident that I could also compete for jobs in the business world." Corey Elfman (UVA '13)

Will Feeney

"MBI’s instruction method is friendly and straightforward and helps students deepen their understanding of the business concepts taught in the program." - Will Feeney (UVA ’12)

"UVA’s MBI offered a comprehensive program for students like myself interested in complementing their educational experience with business literacy. I recommend that all students consider participating in MBI in order to improve their confidence in the 'real world.'" - Lauren Ford (Southern Methodist University '15, MBI Online '15)

David Goslin

"I didn't get much business experience during my undergraduate career, but MBI gave me a good, fundamental understanding of the world of business and showed me how I fit into it. I gained a lot of knowledge and a ton of useful tools for understanding the way businesses work. I now feel much more confident about my job search." - David Goslin (UVA '10)

John Grey

"The MBI program has given me the tools to understand the business and financial world more clearly." - John Grey (UVA '11)

Ashley Heath

“Coming into MBI, I had very little formal training regarding finance, accounting, marketing, and finance. Now, five weeks later, I can assess the financial health of a company, balance books, and understand the processes behind marketing strategies and management decision. The professors were extremely helpful, genuine, and friendly. It was overall a great experience, and I am happy I made the investment.” Ashley Heath (UVA '13)

"McIntire's professors have a wealth of experience and made all of the material extremely accessible. The knowledge that I gained from MBI gave me a leg up in the recruiting process, and helped me land a consulting job in New York City. For anyone looking to add business acumen to their skill set, this is the program to pick." - Tom Hische (UVA '15)

"Initially, I was focused on attending law school after graduation. After my experiences in the education sector, I have become increasingly interested in social change, entrepreneurship, and innovation. MBI Online allows me the opportunity to gain some basic business skills that will help me become increasingly effective at my current position as well as guide me as I apply to business school next fall." - Amber Joyner (UVA '13, MBI Online '15)

Sydney Kastner

"MBI introduced me to topics I never would have come in contact with in pursuit of my liberal arts degree—topics that will make me more competitive in the job market and competent in the workplace. I think the management and strategy components we learned will be helpful in any career." - Sydney Kastner (UVA ’12)

"In my summer internship at Adidas in Korea, I am working on the marketing team, and this is a brand new subject to me as an Economics major. I am taking MBI to gain a deeper exposure to business, especially marketing, so that I can apply those skills as I work as an intern. Also, business has always been an interest of mine, and I am very glad that I finally have an opportunity to study it through the MBI program." - Hyukjin Lee (UNC '16, MBI Online '15)

"I am a rising third-year student with a double major in Economics and Biology and a minor in Foreign Affairs, and I hope to go into consulting after graduation. This summer, I will be working as a wealth management intern, and through MBI, I am learning fundamental business knowledge to apply in my summer internship, as well as in my future endeavors."  - Yingqi Liu (UVA '16, MBI Online '15)

“What really allows students to be successful in the MBI program is the combination of the integrated, challenging curriculum and the clear passion the McIntire professors have not only for the course material, but for the success of their students. After taking MBI, I am a more diverse job candidate. I have my sciences background from my major, as well as core business knowledge that is imperative for a multitude of professions.” - Jackie Lomboy (UVA '16)

Nate Matthews

​"MBI has given me a strong business foundation that will help me in any career I choose to pursue. MBI was well worth the investment. I have already received positive feedback from potential employers because of my MBI experience."
- Nate Matthews (UVA ’12)

"As an Engineering major, my formal business instruction was limited. I realized there was an opportunity for me to learn more about business practices to improve my career options, and MBI offered the kind of instruction I was looking for. Through MBI, I was able to learn essential business skills to supplement my engineering and critical thinking skills, and I am now able to understand corporate decisions on a larger scale." - Delia McGee (UVA '14, MBI Online '15)

"I am very excited to use the McIntire Business Institute as an opportunity to expand on my business education. As an Economics major, I received a solid foundation, but I am looking forward to gaining a deeper background in finance and Excel, which will be very useful for my current and any future jobs." - Mark Moeller (UVA '13, MBI Online '15)

Erika Nielsen

"MBI is the perfect introduction to the business world that provides its participants with a low-st​ress yet highly informative classroom environment. I'd recommend it to anyone who would like to gain a strong working knowledge of business voca​bulary or concepts, or anyone who would like to discover which areas of business are of interest before pursuing a business degree." ​Erika Nielsen  (UVA '13)

"I decided to enroll in the MBI program because I did not take any business classes while in college, and that makes things like working with Excel and understanding basic business concepts difficult. I am truly looking forward to fixing this hole in my education!" - Amy Nizolek (Washington & Lee University '13, Oxford University '15, MBI Online '15)

Hanna Oh

"MBI is an amazing experience that I wouldn't trade. It was a chance to learn from the University’s finest professors." - Hanna Oh (UVA ’12)

"I chose MBI Online because I wanted to supplement my undergraduate education with business knowledge. It was an easy addition to my schedule, and I am already seeing the benefits of MBI, as the first two recruiters I talked to asked about it within the first few minutes of our conversation." - Nathan Parker (UVA '16, MBI Online '14)

Beau Perona

“The MBI program has opened my eyes to the tools and terms necessary to understand the basi​c workings of the business world.” - Beau Perona (UVA '13)

"I enrolled in MBI because I wanted to prepare myself for a graduate program in health care administration. The program was perfect for me because it allowed me to learn the basics of business from extremely talented faculty in a short period of time. I can now excel in topics that I would not have had exposure to without participating in MBI." - Connor Poland (JMU '14,  MBI Online '15)

"After graduation I hope to go into consulting, and am hoping MBI will give me a good foundation in business so that I can become a more well-rounded and more attractive candidate to potential employers." - Brendan Rogers (UVA '15, MBI Online '15)

Samia Sekkarie

"MBI has allowed me to develop the theory and analytics I have learned throughout my UVA education into more concrete skills that can be used in the financial world and for my own personal use." - Samia Sekkarie (UVA ’13)

"As an American Studies and Spanish double major, I had taken very few business classes prior to MBI. I knew I wanted to go into the business side of the art world, but I felt I needed to have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of business to do so. Not only did MBI provide an overview of various areas of business, but it also expanded my skill set in areas like public speaking, team building, and strategic planning. After completing MBI, I now have a strong foundation that allows me to truly feel like a confident, well-rounded, and business-savvy college graduate with a liberal arts degree." - Annie Lyall Slaughter (UVA '15)

"I knew I was interested in combining my computer science background with business to land a job in product management, but I wasn't familiar with many of the terms and concepts fundamental to navigating the business world. MBI gave me the confidence, skills, and knowledge to apply for business jobs in the tech industry, and after completing the program I successfully landed a job in a business leadership development program for a large tech company in New York City." - Kellie Smith (UVA '16)

"MBI gave me the confidence to pursue a career in business and opened my eyes to areas of business I had never previously considered. The program was a great experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in business." - Paul Strader (UVA '15)

Ashley Thomson

"MBI has helped me develop a better understanding and knowledge of the business world. The skills I obtained through this program will not only help me establish myself professionally, but will also create a solid foundation for my future endeavors." - Ashley Thomson (UVA '11)

"I am applying to law school this fall, and I am considering several business law programs. MBI has provided a fantastic opportunity for me to explore the world of business, and I'm excited to potentially discover a new, exciting career path." - Edna Turay (UVA '14, MBI Online '15)

"MBI has rounded out my education... complementing my engineering knowledge with knowledge of how these technologies function in real world markets. It is rare that people possess knowledge in both of these fields... It gave me a huge advantage in my career." - William Vieth (UVA '14)

"The MBI program intrigued me because I did not have a formal business background in my undergraduate degree from VCU, and I would like to advance my career by becoming a sales manager for a company in the sustainability industry. MBI is the first step in achieving that business knowledge, and I hope to pursue an M.B.A. once I complete the program." - Kyle White (VCU '07, MBI Online '15)

“MBI was helpful going into the job and internship search because it gave me a more technical set of skills that I didn’t learn in my Economics major, such as financial modeling and Excel. These skills were really helpful for me going into interviews, and ultimately helped me land my internship and eventual job in finance.” – (Jason Will, UVA ’16)