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Morgan Haller

Morgan Haller

M.S. in Accounting 2012 (Financial Reporting & Assurance Track)

Now: Robert W. Baird, Equity Research Analyst – Biotechnology (New York, NY)


Most memorable class

Professor Andrea Roberts’ “Special Topics in Accounting” was my most memorable class at UVA. I really enjoyed the classroom environment and the subject matter covered in the class. She was outstanding at presenting the material and what the real-world implications would be out of the classroom. This class prepared me extremely well for exams I took after completing the Program and has been vital for my career thus far.

Leveraging the M.S. in Accounting degree in the workplace

My UVA degree has been one of the most valuable pieces of my educational background early on in my career. The breadth and depth of material covered by the Program curriculum helped me immensely on various certification and license tests since graduation and have given me the tools to apply the concepts outside the classroom. Also, being a graduate of UVA opened up another network for me that has allowed me to create relationships with other alumni in the workplace and across the country. Last but certainly not least, UVA’s reputation among the professional community is held in the highest regard. Having a degree from the University of Virginia has given me a significant advantage to start my career.

A typical day on the job

7:30 a.m.: Catch up on latest news from sector via company press releases, news articles, and medical journals

8:30 a.m.: Work on ongoing projects (e.g., maintaining financial models, writing various reports for publication, generating proprietary research, individual client projects)

11 a.m.: Meet with covered company management to discuss recent developments, pipeline progress, and other relevant topics

12:30 p.m.: Client calls to discuss coverage/overall sector. Buy-side investor calls to ask questions about covered companies and/or overall daily trading action

2 p.m.: Introduction phone call with private company (conference call with company management of a private company to get an introduction to their business)

5 p.m.: Earnings release for covered company (A covered company issues quarterly results and holds a conference call for analyst questions. We update our model and publish a piece with our thoughts on the quarter for the clients.)

What makes the job great

The best part of my job is that I’m able to learn new things every day. This could be learning about a new company and its business or a specific disease indication. With the continued innovations in biotechnology, companies are able to develop fascinating disease-modifying therapies that create meaningful value for patients and shareholders.

Advice for future M.S. in Accounting students

Spend as much time getting to know your classmates as you can. While my year at UVA was entirely too short, I made some of the best friendships while in the M.S. in Accounting Program. We all keep in touch and visit each other frequently despite being spread out all over the country.

Preparation for professional success and leadership in the workplace

The Program helped me to develop both the hard and soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace. The curriculum and professors are excellent and prepared me very well to apply concepts from class to situations in my career. I found myself able to diagnose the tasks at hand and know which angles to take to address them most effectively and efficiently. In addition, McIntire helped me to sharpen the communication and relationship skills that I need to succeed professionally. The structure of the classroom and group projects provided a great introduction to what working in teams at a large accounting firm is like. Having the opportunity to lead group work at McIntire was a valuable experience to take into my first year on the job, where I was asked to lead other peers on my team very quickly.

Favorite Charlottesville activity

I loved to attend athletic events with my classmates and friends!