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Kevin Kahan

Kevin Kahan

M.S. in Accounting 2013 (Financial Reporting & Assurance Track)

Now: Ernst & Young, Assurance Staff, Global Wealth and Asset Management (San Francisco, CA)

Most memorable class

My most memorable class was “Accounting for Derivatives.” A finance professor taught the first half, and an accounting professor taught the second half. I thought it was a great class and very interesting, and it has paid dividends in my professional life.

The value of Commerce Career Services

I visited CCS many times to get my resume and cover letter in good shape. The staff was always extremely helpful and knowledgeable with regard to what employers are looking for.

A typical day on the job

I audit financial services firms on the West Coast, focusing mainly on the venture capital and hedge fund spaces.

What makes the job great

I enjoy working on a team with other motivated professionals. Working hard to create a quality result is extremely satisfying.

Advice for future M.S. in Accounting students

You get out what you put in, so be as involved as possible so that you get the most out of your short time at McIntire. Make a lot of friends; everyone is friendly and wants to have fun outside of class.

Preparation for professional success and leadership in the workplace

McIntire taught me how to work collaboratively and communicate in a professional manner, skills I use every day at Ernst & Young, working with my team and communicating with clients.

Favorite Charlottesville activity

I really enjoyed going to sporting events while at UVA! Go Hoos!