Abby (Bihan) Bai

Abby (Bihan) Bai
M.S. in Accounting 2018, University of Virginia
B.S. in Economics 2017, Central University of Finance and Economics


Track: Financial Reporting and Assurance

Undergrad Major: International Trade and Risk Management

Undergrad School: Central University of Finance and Economics

Why did you choose McIntire? I attended a summer session in 2015 at the University of Virginia when I was a second-year and studied microeconomics. I was impressed by the awesome Grounds, friendly residents, and amazing professors. I fell in love with Charlottesville! I made up my mind to attend UVA for graduate school, and have never questioned my decision.

What do you enjoy so far? I really enjoy the high-quality accounting courses, the resources of Commerce Career Services (CCS), and the amazing grad lounge! There is unconditional support from my classmates and professors, which will help me survive tough days and step out of my comfort zone. What’s more, McIntire always has free food!

What has surprised you? The "Accounting Policy" course surprised me the most! It is totally different from what I had in China. The course is about the internal logic of accounting policy, which helps me to understand the rationale behind accounting policies.

Fun facts about yourself: I love cinnamon rolls. It’s the first time I have had cinnamon rolls in my entire life, and have starting making cinnamon rolls in my apartment by myself!

Hobbies: Downhill skiing (I look forward to skiing in the Blue Ridge Mountains someday!) and indoor karting (there's an amazing indoor karting place nearby in Richmond)