Matt Danisewicz

Matt Danisewicz
M.S. in Accounting 2018, University of Virginia
B.S. in Business Administration (Accounting) 2017, Christopher Newport University


Track: Financial Reporting and Assurance

Undergrad Major: Accounting

Undergrad School: Christopher Newport University

Why did you choose McIntire? I chose McIntire mainly because this program places a priority on developing strong professional and communication skills in addition to sharpening my accounting knowledge. I also have always loved Charlottesville, and having the opportunity to attend UVA was a dream come true. McIntire and UVA were a great fit for me because they have a national reputation of excellence, and that was very important to me, as someone who wants to move West after graduation.

What do you enjoy so far? Coming here to a college town has been an awesome experience for me, as someone who went to a small undergraduate university. So far, I’ve really enjoyed the people, whether it’s the fellow students in the program, the faculty and staff, or people around town, everyone seems excited to be here. The classes I’m enrolled in all seem really interesting and will challenge both my accounting and professional skills.

What has surprised you? The biggest surprise to me so far is the way classes are structured—there is less of an emphasis on tests and more focus placed on case studies, group work, and presentations. This goes along with the program’s goal of preparing you for the professional world. The only other “surprise” was not knowing where anything was around town, but after about half a week I started figuring it all out!

Fun facts about yourself: A really random fact is that I wear size 10 shoes, but my left foot is technically a 9.5. However, the most fun fact about me is the fact that I can walk, chew gum, and speak all at the same time—talk about multitasking!

Hobbies: Anything outdoors; skiing; hiking; playing and watching sports; visiting breweries and trying new beer; watching documentaries, “The Office,” and “The League”