Jordan Hodges

Jordan Hodges
M.S. in Accounting 2018, University of Virginia
B.S. in Business Administration, Accounting 2017, East Carolina University


Track: Financial Services and Assurance

Undergrad Major: Accounting

Undergrad School: East Carolina University

Why did you choose McIntire? After researching many graduate programs, it was clear that this program was the best choice for me, not only because the stellar reputation of the University itself but also because of the student-centered curriculum and the recruitment opportunities that allow for job placement after graduation.

What do you enjoy so far? The diversity of people I have met and the availability of the professors and their willingness to help. The landscape of Charlottesville is amazing, and the community is welcoming with pride in the culture of the University. Athletic events provide a wonderful opportunity for students to unwind after class.

What has surprised you? I was surprised by how fast I have built relationships with my peers. A majority of the students in the program have come from various undergraduate universities around the country. This puts everyone on the same playing field when trying to meet new people. All of the students in the program bring something special and unique to the group, which makes it interesting and exciting to get to know people on a more personal level.

Fun facts about yourself: I absolutely love to sing—I tried out for “American Idol,” and it was such an incredible experience. I have also performed in Carnegie Hall. Along with singing, I am very passionate about dance. I performed in the Orange Bowl half-time celebration. I was very involved on my undergraduate campus; I was the junior class representative for student government as well as a campus liaison for the Association of Student Governments.

Hobbies: Music; attending concerts, plays, performances, and anything that involves the arts; spending time with friends and family; experiencing new places with people to build our relationships; fashion and keeping up with the latest trends (which has turned me into a shopaholic!)