Steven Marzagalli

Steven Marzagalli
M.S. in Accounting 2018, University of Virginia
B.S. in Commerce 2017, University of Virginia


Track: Tax Consulting

Undergrad Major: Commerce with Concentrations in Accounting and Finance

Undergrad School: University of Virginia

Why did you choose McIntire? As an undergraduate at UVA, I chose McIntire because of the opportunities it offered. As a graduate student, I chose McIntire because of the opportunities I found, the experiences I loved, and the people I met. McIntire is truly a global community of future business leaders. The community at this school is strong, supportive, and bright. Half of the learning happens outside of the classroom in conversations, group meetings, and bonding activities. McIntire teaches the whole student and prepares us for life outside the classroom. I chose McIntire because it helped me grow, learn, and step outside of my comfort zone as an undergraduate. I expect that I will grow even more as a graduate student.

What do you enjoy so far? The master’s program is exciting and challenging. The program doesn’t ask us to just parrot information but rather to understand the information. It challenges us to learn how to learn the material when we don’t have professors standing over our shoulders. Our cohort is supportive, which makes stepping outside of my comfort zone and challenging accounting principles easier. Most of all, I love being back in Charlottesville. Besides the majesty and tradition of the University, Charlottesville is filled with incredible restaurants, magnificent views, and incredibly interesting people. It is the perfect town to call home for a year of graduate work.

What has surprised you? I was shocked at how much experience our class brings to the table. Some of my classmates have worked in South America, in Asia, and in Europe in accounting, finance, and even entrepreneurship. Their perspectives on the accounting field have been an exciting addition to my learning experience.

Fun facts about yourself: I am obsessed with Roger Federer. I come from a town near Flushing Meadows, the grounds of the U.S. Open, and I went to the Open every year until I came to UVA. My first trip outside of the East Coast of the United States was to Hong Kong and Singapore on a McIntire January term class. And finally, I have two golden retrievers.

Hobbies: Tennis, reading fiction and classical literature, chess, golden retrievers, and cooking