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Ruyi (Lucy) Chen

Ruyi (Lucy) Chen

M.S. in Accounting 2020, University of Virginia
B.S. in Finance, College of William & Mary

Track: Tax Consulting

Hometown: Shanghai, China

What stood out to you about the M.S. in Accounting Program at UVA?

The program attracts academically driven, high-achieving, goal-oriented students, and the professors are very passionate about teaching. Having the opportunity to learn from professors who have a wealth of experience in both professional and the academia worlds really attracted me to the program, since I believe in the long term that working in accounting/consulting is as much about expertise as it is about "business." I think that having an M.S. in Accounting will open up more career options for me around the world.

What are you looking forward to the most in the program?

I am looking forward to taking all the challenging courses, to learning not only the "hows" but also the "whys" in accounting. My classmates are very fun to talk with, and I am looking forward to all the fun memories we will make this upcoming academic year.

What clubs and organizations were you a part of during your time in undergrad?

Gibbs Accounting Society, The William and Mary Choir

What are your hobbies?

Traveling is my #1 hobby (I have been to Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Switzerland, etc. and hope to visit more places whenever I have the opportunity), swimming, photography, and singing

Name three places on your bucket list to travel to.

1. Mykonos, Greece
2. Cappadocia, Turkey
3. Bhutan

I have heard all the great things about those places from my friends who studied abroad there. I have also watched TV channels introducing them, and I fell in love with those places instantly. I would love to have the opportunity to travel and experience the lifestyles of the locals.