Lauren Greenlief

M.S. in Commerce 2012 (Finance), University of Virginia

B.A. in Math and Economics, University of Virginia

After: Boston Consulting Group, Associate (Washington, DC)

Now: Boston Consulting Group, Principal (Washington, DC)

Leveraging quantitative majors with business

From my perspective, combining the M.S. in Commerce Program with my undergraduate majors served as a rounding out of my education experience. In my undergraduate majors, I studied math and economics, in which I took a number of classes related to finance. Although the curriculum prepared me with many of the analytical tools, there was not much focus on communication and presentation skills. The M.S. in Commerce helped me to round out my analytical skills with a better knowledge of how to be a more effective speaker and presenter. In business and consulting, being a great analyst only gets you so far. Top performers have to be able to communicate key points, facilitate discussions, and build relationships.

Preparation for a job in consulting

In both of those majors, my work was more test- and individual-oriented. The M.S. in Commerce was team-oriented and project-driven, which is more like consulting than my undergraduate experience was. In consulting, our work is team-based and collaborative, with both internal and client teams. The M.S. in Commerce was excellent preparation for this work environment.

The value of Commerce Career Services

Commerce Career Services was an incredibly effective resource in helping me keep track of job search deadlines as well as preparing me for the interview process. I had never done a case interview before, and CCS provided material about best practices for consulting interviews to bring me up to speed as well as opportunities to practice.

What makes the job great 

What I enjoy most about my current job in consulting is the opportunity to learn and develop every day. My core interest has been the retail industry, and I have really enjoyed working together with top retailers both in corporate offices and in the field.

Where did you go on GIE? 

East Asia 

Most memorable GIE cultural experience

My favorite cultural experience was spending the day on a Chinese junk in Hong Kong during the Dragon Boat Festival. It was a memorable way to see more of the city and the surrounding islands!

Life after graduate business school

When I am not working, I compete in both state- and national-level amateur golf tournaments. I played on the golf team at UVA, and have enjoyed continuing to play competitively after graduation.

Favorite Charlottesville activity

My favorite Charlottesville activity is to attend sporting events. UVA athletic events have a great atmosphere, and I try and catch a game whenever I am in town.