Rosemary O’Hagan

Rosemary O'Hagan

M.S. in Commerce (Business Analytics) 2018, University of Virginia

B.A. in French and History 2017, University of Virginia

After: Human Resources Rotational Program at Capital One (Washington, D.C.)

Transitioning from undergrad to graduate school

The beginning of the M.S. in Commerce Program is often described as being like drinking water from a fire hose. From class lectures to deliverable presentations to the simultaneous recruiting process, the experience was nothing like my previous studies in History and French. However, the rigor of the program ensured that my time in the M.S. Commerce was truly transforming.

Leveraging liberal arts with business

I gained an affinity for storytelling through my History major and translation skills with my French major. The M.S. in Commerce gave me the tools I needed to tailor those skills to the world of business.

Most compelling class

"Organizational Behavior" with Professor Tom Bateman. I am currently working in human resources at Capital One, and the insights we gained into how teams work and the importance of workplace culture apply to my daily work.

A day on the job

Today, I worked on some Python code to more uniformly pull and clean the back-end data for a Tableau dashboard that tracks the effects (retention, performance, and employee engagement) of monetary awards given out to software and data engineers. Most of my work is project based, so I typically spend most of my day working and iterating on my most current/pressing project.

Advice for those considering a career in HR

An HR associate (especially an HR associate at Capital One) does far more than what you would think a typical HR associate would do. I serve primarily as an analyst, so I wouldn't ever rule this type of work out in terms of future employment opportunities.

Advice for future M.S. in Commerce students

Be open to things you thought you might never be interested in. I chose to attend the program because I wanted the exposure to different industries and ways of thinking. I certainly got that through the M.S. in Commerce Program.

Favorite Charlottesville activity

I loved running down by Riverview Park on Saturdays when I could also end my runs at the farmer's market on the Downtown Mall.