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Anna Ramundo


M.S. in Commerce 2014 (Finance Track), University of Virginia

B.A. in American History 2013, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

After: Oliver Wyman, Consultant (Dallas, TX)

Now: Oliver Wyman, Associate (Dallas, TX)

Leveraging history with business

My undergraduate degree was history, which taught me how to write, analyze, and present information. The M.S. Commerce honed those skills while providing me with a valuable foundation of business knowledge. It gave me a diverse set of skills and competencies that I need in my work today as a consultant.

Most memorable class: Foundations in Global Commerce

Foundations in Global Commerce with Peter Maillet was my most compelling class because it applied an economic overlay to the historical knowledge I already knew of different regions in the world. Additionally, it provided a strong introduction to how different cultures view and conduct business.

A typical day on the job/at the office

On any typical day on the job, I will finish a model projecting the airplane repair materials market through 2025. Then, our firm might lead a workshop at a client site to help them decide where to place their facilities to meet international demand. The day will end with a team debrief.

The value of Commerce Career Services

From pep talks to interview tips, and resume reviews to connecting me with people in the consulting industry, CCS was incredible helpful in my job search.

What makes the job great

Since I change consulting projects every couple of months, I get to learn about and understand many different industries. I also have the opportunity to learn lots of unusual facts, such as, did you know that the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport is the size of the island of Manhattan? If you are interested in the field of consulting, start preparing for the interview process early and learn to love case interviews! They are representative of the job itself.

Importance of the Global Immersion Experience (GIE)

I am surprised at how often I use the information learned on GIE on my work projects. Recently, I forecasted trends in airline travel, and found myself constantly reviewing my notes from GIE to remind myself of global trends and predicted areas of growth.

Most memorable GIE company visit

I went to Europe for GIE. One of the most memorable company visits was meeting with Credit Suisse London and having a great discussion about the finance market and its past, present, and future. What really made the visit special was when the presenter shared her advice on how to excel as a woman in an industry dominated by men. That advice really shaped the way I approach my own professional career.

Most memorable cultural experience

My most memorable cultural experience was when we were in Moscow. In the middle of the Red Square is Lenin's Tomb. What really made the experience memorable was watching an old woman lay flowers at the foot of the embalmed body. It taught me how emotionally complicated and diverse Russia is, even among its own people.

Advice for future students

1. Devote as much time to the job search as you would to another class.
2. Visit your professors outside of the classroom and talk about things not related to their class. They are interesting people.
3. Make sure to explore Charlottesville!

Biggest take-away

The network you create while at McIntire is invaluable.

Life after graduate business school

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling the most. But when home, I cook, paint, and practice yoga.

Favorite Charlottesville activity

Hiking Humpback Rock to watch the sunrise is an incredible experience.