Student Ambassadors

M.S. in Commerce students are encouraged to apply to become a student ambassador and represent their class and program throughout the academic year. Ambassadors support the admissions team with various recruiting events, but more importantly, they also serve as a resource for prospective students. All prospective students interested in applying to the M.S. in Commerce Program are encouraged connect with a student ambassador either in person or by phone. You’ll not only learn about the program firsthand, but you’ll get the inside scoop on the classroom environment, life in Charlottesville, and transitioning to graduate school.

Bradford Corbett

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Undergrad Major: History

Nick Garza

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Undergrad Major: Government & Political Science

Andrew Hazelip

Hometown: Plano, TX
Undergrad Major: Economics

Benny Hu

Hometown: Taiyuan, China
Undergrad Major: Mathematics and Quantitative Economics

Benson Klingler

Hometown: Woodstock, GA
Undergrad Major: Political Science

Justin Lagomarcino

Hometown: Des Moines, IA
Undergrad Major: Mechanical Engineering

Samantha Marcus

Hometown: New Canaan, CT
Undergrad Major: International Relations

Roy Masha

Hometown: Worcester, MA
Undergrad Major: Economics

Erin McMahon

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Undergrad Major: Economics and German

Emily Pan

Hometown: Qingdao, China, and Staten Island, NY
Undergrad Major: Economics and Mathematics

Zach Papin

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Undergrad Major: Engineering

Conner Pierson

Hometown: Winchester, VA
Undergrad Major: Media Studies

Emily Plante

Hometown: Portsmouth, VA
Undergrad Major: English

Shannon Simko

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Undergrad Major: Psychology

Gabby Struckell

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Undergrad Major: Neuroscience with a Dance minor

Wallace Williams

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Undergrad Major: Economics

Xiang Zhao

Hometown: Beijing, China
Undergrad Major: Food Science