Justin Lagomarcino

Justin Lagomarcino

M.S. in Commerce 2019, University of Virginia
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University

Track: Business Analytics

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Why did you choose UVA’s M.S. in Commerce Program? I chose the M.S. in Commerce Program to apply my problem-solving and analytical skills that I learned from my engineering degree to open opportunities in business. The reputation McIntire has maintained, combined with the uniqueness of the program, specifically the Global Immersion Experience and accepting only non-business majors, drew my attention.

What do you enjoy about the program so far? I have enjoyed the practical discussions of class material. I can tell I will be using this knowledge in industry next year when I begin my career. The diversity of my classmates, with different backgrounds and undergraduate majors, has given me a new perspective on several different business practices.

Fun facts about me: I have never been out of the country, making me even more excited for GIE! I am a big Chicago Cubs fan and have had the opportunity to stand on Wrigley Field.

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, running