Nick Garza

Nick Garza

M.S. in Commerce 2019, University of Virginia
B.A. in Government & Political Science, The University of Texas at Austin

Track: Finance

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Why did you choose UVA’s M.S. in Commerce Program? Living in Texas for 21 years was a great experience, but I wanted to gain a different perspective to enhance my knowledge about business. Given the program places considerable emphasis on the international aspect of business, I knew it would be the right fit. In addition, I never had the chance to experience a college town, and Charlottesville has surpassed my expectations.

What do you enjoy about the program so far? I love that our courses follow current events and explain the implications of each. Also, I'm really enjoying the camaraderie among students. The program forces you to step out of your comfort zone and collaborate with people from many backgrounds.

Fun facts about me: I’m an expert ping-pong player and huge Cardi B fan. I can commit vines to memory.

Hobbies: Playing tennis, listening to music, watching SNL re-runs, drawing