Sara Zahir

Sara Zahir

M.S. in Commerce 2020, University of Virginia
B.A. in Art History 2019, University of Virginia

Track: Marketing & Management

Hometown: McLean, VA

What stood out to you in selecting to attend the M.S. in Commerce Program?

For me, the M.S. in Commerce Program allows the opportunity to build upon my undergraduate degree and find a path of storytelling and messaging in my own career. The discussion-based learning and the focus on perspective within the program are what intrigue me and make me excited to come to class every day.

What are you looking forward to most in the Program?

I am looking forward to presenting my story to the cohort and to hearing everyone else's as well. I hope to be inspired and inspire others on their journey, and ultimate learn through this process. I am also incredibly exciting for GIE. I love traveling and having the opportunity to apply our previous knowledge in this context, but also learning within such a cool environment is really exciting!

What clubs and organizations were you involved with during your time in undergrad?

Student Council, Fourth Year Trustees, Lighting of the Lawn, Virginia Interfaith Coalition

What book are you currently reading?

In Montmartre: Picasso, Matisse, and the Birth of Modernist Art by Sue Roe

Name three places on your bucket list to travel to.

Phuket, Thailand; Maldives; the fjords in Norway