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M.S. in Commerce

Emily Huang

  • M.S. in Commerce (Business Analytics) 2016, University of Virginia

  • B.S. in Meteorology 2014, Penn State University

  • After: The Coca-Cola Company, Marketing Science Analyst (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Now: The Coca-Cola Company, Assistant Manager—Coffee Category (Tokyo, Japan)

Leveraging meteorology with business

My undergraduate major was in Meteorology, from which I gained a lot of analytical and research skills. Combining those with business knowledge, I am now able to interpret the findings into a compelling story, depending on the stakeholders and business question. Together, these skills are very transferable and can be applied across different industries.

Most compelling class

“Foundations of Global Commerce” with Professor Peter Maillet. I really liked how he structured the class so that we would always be discussing timely events. We all had to be prepared because we didn’t know which one of us would be picked to present. This class really helped me build the habit (and understand the importance) of catching up with the world news every day.

Preparation for the professional world

I think the program prepared me the most on presentations, both presenting my work and presenting myself to others. With all the different types of scenarios and cases we experienced, I've built up the confidence and ownership in myself and in the work I do, depending on the audience I'm facing.

Value of Commerce Career Services

CCS was most helpful for me in networking. I was able to connect with different McIntire alumni who had a similar background and regularly attended networking and company information sessions that CCS organized and led.

What you enjoy about working at The Coca-Cola Company

The accomplishment from seeing products or concepts that I tested actually launch into the market and seeing consumers enjoy our products!

A typical day on the job

I started my day around 9:30 a.m., meeting with a research supplier company on the results and report contents from a consumer study that ended recently. Then, I sent/replied to some emails. After that, I went out for lunch with a couple of coworkers. In the afternoon, I studied another marketing communication tracking report to prepare for a debrief at the end of the week. I also received and did some market data analysis that will be used for strategic business planning that is led by the brand team. Then I met with a visitor from headquarters for opportunities of collaboration in the resource group "Millennial Voices" that I am a member of. I returned back to do some more analysis work and ended my day around 7 p.m.!

Advice for those interested in marketing research

Stay curious. The existence of marketing research is to find unmet needs and consumer insights that we can leverage to target and communicate to our consumers. Those unmet needs and consumer insights require a curious heart that wouldn't settle for just one point of view!

Leveraging the Global Immersion Experience (GIE) on the job

Coca-Cola is like many of the multinational companies that I visited during GIE in Latin America. Many cases of localization were similar to what I experience now. Understanding how business connects with the people and with other stakeholders around the world was also a key takeaway that helped me maneuver and communicate in my own role.

Most memorable GIE cultural experience

The culinary tour in Lima, Peru. It was the perfect way to not only travel around the city, but also taste the culture while learning about the history of the area and food. We went to local markets and even had the chance to make our own ceviche and pisco sours.

Favorite Charlottesville activity

Saturday farmer’s markets, having Bodo’s Bagels somewhere on the Lawn, and spending afternoons exploring nearby vineyards.

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