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M.S. in Commerce

Henry Mak

  • M.S. in Commerce (Business Analytics) 2017, University of Virginia

  • B.S. in Economics 2016, Texas Christian University

  • After: Deloitte, Transfer Pricing Consultant (Dallas, TX)

  • Now: AArete, Consultant (Chicago, IL)

Leveraging liberal arts with business

The M.S. in Commerce Program allowed me to focus my undergraduate Economics degree in one specific area. I was able to complement my more theoretical background with practical concepts that apply directly to my career.

Most memorable class

Although challenging, my most compelling class was “Strategy and Systems.” The course helped us understand how businesses operate and the complex issues they face today through case studies and hands-on projects. Our capstone project required us to collaborate with a real business to help it solve a current problem that allowed us to actually use the skills we had been learning all semester.

Value of Commerce Career Services

CCS was a great resource even before the program officially started. I was able to start communicating with CCS in the summer to discuss my future career goals. The staff provided invaluable advice about my career options, resume, and navigating the job search process.

Advice for a career in consulting

My advice would be to say yes to new experiences as much as you can. Saying yes will allow you to grow in your career by working on something different, meeting new people, and helping you discover what you do and do not like.

Most memorable Global Immersion Experience company visit in Latin America

My most memorable company visit was a flower farm outside of Bogota, Colombia. A large percentage of all cut flowers in the U.S. are sourced from Colombia every year. We were able to see firsthand the flower farm operations and discuss issues they face such as freight costs and logistics. I haven’t been able to look at supermarket flowers the same ever since.

Key takeaway from McIntire

Although it sounds cliché, my most valuable takeaway from my time at McIntire was the relationships I built. I do not currently live in the same city as any of my classmates, but I keep in touch with them regularly. It is great hearing about their careers after McIntire. Some of them have visited me in my city, and I even had the opportunity to travel with a former classmate to New Zealand a year after our program.

Favorite Charlottesville activity

My favorite activity was either hiking in Shenandoah or visiting one of the many wineries in the area.

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